AIIMS PG: Important Notes from Previous Year Exams

We collected information from almost thousands of candidates who took AIIMS PG exam to help you understand how the exam goes for the future.

We have consolidated data from all responses and give an accurate picture of the exam standard.

Overall difficulty of AIIMS PG Exam

Exam was moderate to Difficult.

With 65% respondents rating it moderate and 33% rating it difficult.

Pattern of questions in AIIMS PG Exam

Questions were usually clinical scenarios and concept based questions.

There were very few one liners.

15% questions were image based.

20 questions were direct repeats from previous year papers.

According to most respondents 20% questions were easy, 60% were moderate and 20% were difficult.


High weightage subjects in AIIMS PG Exam

Pharmacology, OBG, Medicine and Pathology had the highest weightage.


Low weightage subjects in AIIMS PG Exam

Anesthesia, Dermatology, Radiology and ENT had low weightage.


How many questions did candidates attempt?

According to our survey, maximum candidates attempted 180-195 questions.

No. of questions attempted Percentage of candidates
<130 7.9%
130-160 23.6%
160-180 21.3%
180-195 39.3%
195-200 7.9%

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Maximum number of students thought that the exam was easy to finish within 3 hours.

In our survey 74.2% students said that the exam was easy to finish within 3 hours, however 25.8% students said that they struggled to finish their exam.



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